Prayer Requests

If you would like us to pray with you about something, please fill out the comment form below. Your request will be reviewed before it becomes visible. If you do NOT want your name to be shown, please state No Name Please (NNP) in your request, or simply use Anonymous as your name.  Your email will never be shown. If you are a WordPress user and are logged in, your Avatar will NOT be shown.

If you would like a response from the Pastoral Team, please use our Contact Us link to send a private email.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for my sisters home. It will be going into foreclosure soon. My husband and I are trying to buy it for her, but there will be other bidders that will be trying to buy it. Please pray that we are the winning bidder so she will not lose her home. She has been on disability for 20 years and her husband left her last year and quit paying the mortgage. Thank You so much for each prayer lifted, I know He Hears and answers!


  2. Please pray for our Lifted Cup ministry as we look forward to a September 8th Launch date. Pray that God will lead us to those He is calling to be a part.

    Please pray also for our Backyard Bible School July 8-12 and our Weekend Bible School (with School Backpack Give-away) August 2-4.


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