As preached by Jason Crabb

What if in one service God said, “Devil, you been lying to my people too long. Tonight, you not gonna lie. You gonna have to tell the truth for the next 20 minutes.”What kind of a sermon would the devil preach if he had to tell the truth for the next 20 minutes? What if God said, “Okay, buddy, here’s the microphone; there’ll be no lying because you know I have authority over you.”What would he preach? I’ve got three ideas. I’ve got three truths that I believe that he’d have to talk about tonight. “Number one,” I believe God would say, “You gonna have to tell the truth about you. Number two, you gonna have to tell the truth about my people. And number three, you’re gonna have to tell the truth about Me….”I’m getting ready to be the devil for a moment. I’m getting ready to preach the truth as if in the shoes of Lucifer himself….

I was created by God Himself. I was in His presence. I was created for worship. I was the anointed, the beautiful cherub. I had stones, every beautiful stone—the sapphire, the ruby, the diamond. When the lights would shine down on me, it would give off the most beautiful array that you’ve ever seen in the presence of God. I had every pipe, every stringed instrument, every melody; I had rhythms, and melodies, and themes that the greatest composers would give anything to know what I had. It was given to me. I would play in his presence. I would play these beautiful melodies, and as the lights would shine, he would look down at me and you could see he was pleased with what I was playing. As the angels would worship, I would play. I would fill the room with brilliance and beauty just for God himself.

But something happened. I started seeing me the way he looked at me and I started letting my talents and my beauty get the best of me and I started using it for my benefit to glorify myself. I got prideful. God don’t like pride—prideful, talented, gifted people, because he gave me the gifts to worship him and I started feeding my own self and I got prideful. So, he cast me out of heaven.

Now my goal is to roam to and fro from heaven to earth. I am the accuser of the brethren. I go and tell every little thought that you have. Every little thing. I try to sow discord between the churches and different denominations. I do it all. I go after you. I hate you. Tonight, you began to worship and praise and lift your hands and dance, and I couldn’t stand it because he started looking at you the way he used to look at me.

You know what my plan is? My plan is to get you to forfeit your purpose, your destiny, your gifts, your talents. Because I broke God’s heart, my goal is to get you to break his too. I was the apple of his eye. Now you are. You’ve never been in his presence like I have, and still you can lift your hands and worship? It torments me. I’m after you. I’m after your destiny. I’m after your purpose. I’m after your dreams. I’m after your sleep at night. I’m after your soul.

So, keep listening to me. You’re doing a good job. Telling you that you’ll never be what God wants you to be. You’ll never fulfill the purpose and the future that he has for you. You’re doing a good job, church just keep listening. Keep listening.

I told you a little about me….I have to tell you a little bit about you. You were created in the likeness, in the image, of Almighty God. You know, I’ve been telling you you were worthless, and nobody loves you and nobody cares for you and did you hear what I said? He created you in his likeness and his image. He told Jeremiah in his word, if you’d just read it, “Before I formed thee, I knew thee.”You see, I’ve been telling you that you didn’t have any plans, you didn’t have any destiny. All this stuff I’ve been putting you through, I’ve been telling you you were worthless, but can I tell you something? If you only knew what you are capable of. If you only knew how powerful you were tonight. If you only knew what you had in the grips of your hands, you’d be running around this building, but wait. Ssshhhh! Wait! Keep listening to my lies. ‘Cause if you keep listening to it long enough, I’ll have you convinced to lay down your purpose like I did mine.

Keep listening. You see, you think I’ve been after you. You see things in your mind where I’ve been after you at moments of your life. But, honey, I’ve been after you for a long time. I started after you with your great-grandparents. I started working intheir marriage and started working just crazy things in their life because I knew you was on your way. And I started messing with them, started trying to mess that house up and it would trickle down to the next generation. And there would be confusion and there would be light there and I would try to lie to them because I knew you were on your way. I knew that you were on your way, so I was messing with this family and your great-grandparents.

But when it got to you, if you really only knew what happened in hell when you took your first little breath and let out your first little cry. You see, doctors heard a little whimper, but hell heard purpose, hell heard destiny, hell heard its foundations were shaken because nobody could do what you were designed to do this day….Sit down…Keep listening to my lies. You might say, “I thought you could only preach the truth?” I am preaching the truth. I’ve been lying to you. That’s the truth.

Not only did hell shake when you let out your little whimper and cry, but heaven rejoiced. If you only knew what the angels did when they heard your voice. They said, “Oh, there’s another one of God’s creations!” There is importance, purpose. There’s destiny. There’s a voice, if you only knew.

You see I’ve been after you a long time, and I’ll do anything I can to get you and your family and your life and your home. I’ll do whatever it takes. You know, that uncle that messed with you when nobody was around? It was a plan of mine, and I’ll tell you something, the truth is, you have the power to overcome that through the blood of Jesus Christ.

You see, I’ve been telling you there’s nobody that understands what you’ve been going through. Nobody understands the life that you had to live. I’ve been telling you that nobody gets it, nobody knows what you’re feeling. Nobody knows that you cry yourself to sleep at night. But then I tell you God Almighty himself knew. That’s why he sent his son Jesus Christ to Calvary’s cross to die on that tree for you so that you might have victory.

And I tell you, don’t tell nobody. Just keep it inside. Oh that’s one of my best secrets, one of my best weapons, is for you to just keep it all balled up inside, because if you just keep it all balled up insideand you try to deal with it, because I know sin’s no match for you, and I know some of the heartaches in life is no match for you, and I know that I try to tell you to deal with it yourself because you’re the one who got yourself in the problem (some of you anyways) but I know man can’t deal with it. And that’s why I try to tell you nobody else knows, nobody else cares, nobody else would understand. The truth is, nobody has to understand because he understands and all you have to do is give it to him. You don’t have to tell nobody else. All you have to do is give it to him.

What’s that God? I have to tell about you now? This is what I don’t like.He is the great I AM he is the author and the finisher of our faith. With just mere thoughts things are formed. Heaven is his throne, and the earth is his footstool. If you only knew him like I knew him. If you could only know how much he loves you, how much he cares. In all of his glory and all of his splendor and all of his mightiness, he still cares so much for you.

The very one who flung the stars into the heavens and said, “You stay here, and you stay there,” has got the hairs on your head numbered because he loves you so.

His awesomeness is amazing, his grace is amazing, his mercy is unmatchless [unmatchable]. He loves you. Oh, and he’s here tonight, and he’s walking down the aisles. Walking down the aisles just waiting for somebody to reach out.

He’s here for you. Imagine that! The God that is the great I AM is here tonight for you! And you’ve been listening to me saying that nobody cares, nobody loves you. He loves you so much he graced you with his presence tonight, but the only way you’ll ever get helped by him lies inside of you.

One of the most powerful things that we hold, holds the key to our needs tonight, to your needs, is the power of choice. As great as he is walking up and down these aisles, you still have to choose to reach out.

Well, that was my thought. If God told the devil to preach the truth for twenty minutes, that’s what he spoke in my spirit.

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